Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blog # 3

The kind of writing that larry neal calls for is writing that speaks to the spiritual and cultural needs of the black people. The black arts movement wants to confront the west and their writing. They want writing that speaks to the black people. He also calls for the writng it have its own identity, he wants it to differ from the writing of the whites. He wants these new breed of african american writers to confront the contradictions arising out of the black man's experience in the racist west. He also proposes that the black arts movement needs to have a seperate symbolism, mythology, critque, and iconology.

He sees the art in relation to a political struggle and part of a movement because he believes that through the writng blacks can have their own voice in society.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blog Post # 2

My first reaction to the song If you miss me from the back of the bus was that it is a very powerful song for fighting for your freedom. Throughout the entire song the person is basically doing something, to either use the rights that they already have or to fight for their rights. An example of this is when the narrator is on the picket line and goes to jail for being on the picket line. I am selecting this song because it is interesting to me throughout the entire song the person keeps on doing something for their rights until they get what they want. At the end of the song the person becomes a bus driver. I would like to know about the song is this song coming from a males or females point of view.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blog post #1

The types of expressions: music, writing, sports, and art that mean the most to me are;Rap music, Science fiction novels, basketball, and cartoons. Rap means somethin to me because it is my favorite genre of music. Rap artists express themselves in a way that modern society can relate to. Science fiction novels mean something to me because they show what could possibly happen in the world but does not happen. Basketball is my favorite sport. This is the sport I enjoy playing the most. The art that I appreciate the most is cartoons. I guess this is because i grew up watching cartoons when i was younger.

Honestly I've never been part of a social movement. No creative view as ever changed my view of the world. When taking this class I hope to learn how Art, politics and protest effects the world that we live in.